Before you can leave the house, you need a costume for you and your little brother.  Collect items from around the house and put it in the wardrobe in your room.

NOTE: The first costumes that you can make from the items in your house is a witch and a ghost.

Your costumes:

  • Witch
    • Witch Hat
      • Santa Hat (Attic)
      • Spray Paint (Backyard)
    • Broom (Backyard)
    • Black Coat (Garage)
  • Robot
    • Robot Body
      • Big Box (Abandoned house)
      • Foil (Garage)
    • Robot Head
      • Small Box (Attic)
      • Foil (Garage)
      • Serrated Knife (Dining Room)
    • Lights (Storage box under Dad)
      • Fish Journal (Blue house - give to Dad)
  • Pirate
    • Toy Saber (Green house)
    • Eye Patch (Treehouse in first aid kit)
    • Red Sash (Parent's room)

Brother's costumes:

  • Ghost
    • White Sheet (Closet next to cat's bed)
    • Scissors (Parent's room)
  • Cowboy
    • Cowboy Hat (Scarecrow - use hay to climb)
    • Water Pistol (Neighborhood boy)
      • Toy Car (Brother's room)
      • Rubber Spider (Living room)
    • Red Bandana (Washer in basement)
    • Belt (Brother's room)
  • Super Hero
    • Full body Unitard (Attic)
    • Mask (Take it while Mother is giving out candy)
    • Utility Belt (Bin in backyard - use screwdriver in basement to open the latch)
    • Short Black Cape
      • Mr. Peabody's Cape (Mr. Peabody's house)
      • Scissor (Parent's room)
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